– Spaying/Neutering Cats

Spaying/neutering cats is critical if we ever hope to make progress in controlling the cat population. While most shelters have been spaying/neutering cats at an early age for years, many veterinarians in private practice continue to wait until the cat is at least 6 months old. This is in spite of the...Read More

– Vaccines

Vaccines can be a confusing topic. Which ones should my cat get? How often? How about if my cat is indoor only? Read "Dog and Cat Vaccination FAQ" for some common questions about vaccines and answers from the team of vets at PetMD.

– Dangers for Your Cat

We all know about many dangers to our cats such as certain foods and certain plants. But did you know certain soaps, as well as essential oils may be a hazard? Read "Pet Dangers That Aren’t Food" to learn more dangers to our cats.

– Cat Beds for Sale

As a fundraiser for our Strut Your Mutt - Kanab (SYM) team, we are selling handmade cat beds. These beds are just the right fit for a carrier, or your cat’s favorite place on the couch, chair, or bed. They are 3-layers thick and are double stitched. Pinking shears were used to add...Read More