– Disaster Preparedness

September is National Disaster Preparedness month.  We all need to make sure our pets are taken care of when a disaster or emergency occurs. Click the links below to get resources to help you safeguard your pets during a disaster or emergency. Pets and DisastersThe Feline Refuge > Resources > Other...Read More

– Cat Food Labels

Have you ever read the label on your cat's food? It can be confusing, especially when manufacturers use words like gourmet and premium, which are basically meaningless.  See "How to Read Cat Food Labels" to learn what you should be looking for on your cat's food label.

– Chemotherapy

Being told your cat has cancer is devastating. Not only do you need to handle the diagnosis, but you also need to understand treatment plans. "Client handout: FAQ about chemotherapy in pets" addresses common questions if chemotherapy is recommended. The handout was prepared by Dr. Sue Ettinger, commonly referred to as...Read More