– Pet Nutrition

Feeding your cat the best diet is important to most cat parents. But, what does "best diet" really mean?  Humans are moving more towards organic and gluten-free products. Should we be doing that for our cats too? The best quality organic food is probably going into the human food system, not...Read More

– Dakota’s Story

Let's face it, Cats are amazing. Every time we think we have heard the most unbelievable story, we hear another story that tops the last. However, we don't think we will ever hear something that tops Dakota's story. Talk about courage and the will to live. But, we're going to...Read More

– FIV Vaccine

Just a reminder that the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) vaccine is no longer available in the United States. To learn some reasons for discontinuing the vaccine, read "What Is FIV and Why Is the FIV Vaccine No Longer Available?".

– FeLV Testing

As we understand more about the feline leukemia virus (FeLV), the more complicated we realize it to be. What was once considered a very straightforward testing protocol, has rapidly become very confusing.  View the video "FeLV: What You Need to Know for Shelter Decision Making" for a very educational and current...Read More