No one would blame Skittles for being a little human fearful. He was abandoned outside a rescue, along with 8 other cats, in 2014. He probably wondered what the heck was going on. While he wasn’t particularly fond of humans, he wasn’t aggressive. But, he was definitely a cat’s cat. 

One of his caregivers decided he had great potential to overcome his human fearfulness and decided to spend extra time with him. After all, there aren’t a lot of adopters looking for a cat that can’t be touched! 

After time, Skittles started getting noticed by potential adopters. I mean, just look at that face! Who could resist?! Well, his caregiver couldn’t. She adopted him in 2017. 

It is estimated that Skittles was born in January 2012. And, he is not on any medication. 

Skittles has remained a cat’s cat, loving to play and sleep with his feline housemates (FIV+ and non-FIV). But, he has also become a mama’s boy, even going as far as loving belly rubs! 

Skittles is probably thinking that little bit of stress of being abandoned was worth it now that he is living the good life. Way to go Skittles! 

Through clicker training, Skittles now allows his nails to be trimmed and is currently working on adjusting to a harness so he can safely go outside for walks. 

So, just another example that FIV+ cats aren’t sick and require a lot of medications. And, can safely live with non-FIV cats.