High blood pressure is a relatively common health threat in cats. While blood pressure is measured in cats using the same method used for humans, a normal reading for cats is usually higher than a normal reading for humans.

Typically, for a reading of 150/95 or below, there is considered minimal risk and treatment is usually not recommended. Treatment should be sought for readings 160/119 to 179/100 or higher.

And remember, if you cat is nervous or anxious during visits to the veterinarian, her blood pressure values may be higher than her normal. That is why most veterinarians will take multiple readings.

Some signs your cat may have high blood pressure include:
– Bleeding from nose
– Blindness
– Blood in urine
– Circling
– Dilated pupils
– Disorientation
– Involuntary oscillation (rolling) of eyeballs
– Weakness, either on one side of the body or in the legs

If you suspect your cat may have high blood pressure, take her to your veterinarian to be checked. out. To learn more about feline high blood pressure, read the article “Hypertension“.