Let’s face it, Cats are amazing. Every time we think we have heard the most unbelievable story, we hear another story that tops the last. However, we don’t think we will ever hear something that tops Dakota’s story. Talk about courage and the will to live. But, we’re going to let Dakota tell his story. 

Hi! My name is Dakota and I’m the President of the “Not Done Yet Club”. The club was founded by my brother, Noah James, and our mission is to teach folks that they should not give up easily on cats. Each of our members has stories of survival. I’m telling you, don’t give up on a cat. We are crazy resilient.

Let me start with my story. I was a field cat in South Dakota, which did not suit me! One day, the farmers were plowing the field and they ran over me with a hay mower! Okay, to say that was a challenge is an understatement! That machine cut off 1-1/2 of my legs and, gulp, neutered me. Luckily, I knew how to survive. After all, I AM A CAT! 

So, I cleaned myself up as best I could, but I still needed help. Lucky for me, the farmers found me and took me to a vet. The first vet did not know how to help me. But once again, luck was on my side. I got into Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Boy, that was a long ride. 

The vet I saw at Best Friends took the time to give me a close look. She looked past my crazy injuries and saw that I was eating and responding to affection. Plus, I was using the litter box! She decided to give me a chance. She performed 2 surgeries, fixed my remaining legs and cleaned up my guts. The 2-1/2 legs I had left, healed quickly.

And then luck again found me. I got adopted into a great home! My Mom and 2 brothers are just the greatest! I love them all very much. I can run, jump, and wrestle with my siblings. I can do almost anything! 

I am thankful there were folks who were willing to help me. Please don’t give up on a cat too easily. 

Thank you Dakota for letting us read your story. Dakota is now about 12 years old and has been in his home about 10 years. If someone had given up on Dakota along his journey, he would have missed out on a great life and we humans would not have had the good fortune to know a great cat! 

Who knows, maybe one of Dakota’s brothers will want to share his story some time.